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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ہوم ورک! عمران خان! ہوم ورک


Anonymous said...

In a country that has been run by thugs and thieves for 64 years, naturally the higher government positions had to be filled on the basis of cronyism and in most cases the merit will have very little to do with such appointments. With this background in mind, obviously, Imran khan will have lots of ‘home work’ cut out for him. He has repeatedly stated that he is not going to give tickets to those with corruption background and those who do not possess the necessary qualifications to meet the merit requirements. We will have to see how is he going to implement what he is promising for.

It is better to take a chance with a PM who is clean himself, rather than any of the known plunderers and the looters. As long as the PM and most of the cabinet members are clean, one cannot hope for any thing better than that especially when we look at the present day thugs in power or any others in the past.

Personally, I have high hopes attached with Imran Khan and we will have to wait and see what transpires. It may be a turning point for Pakistan. The current PPP government is the pits, one cannot get lower than that. Any thing else will be a welcome change and an improvement.


Naseem Ahmad said...

I endorse views of Mr. Javed.
We will have to rely on Imran Khan. He may not achieve all of what he is claiming. Even then change will be there. We have to start somewhere.

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